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“I needed practical advice and Nobera gave me just that. She gave me suggestions for how to deal with my anxiety then gave me methods to remain steadfast in applying those suggestions. After talking to her just once, I find myself turning back to her advice every time my thoughts jump on the train toward the land of anxiety.”-M.Bashar, Malaysia

“My perspective of self has changed a lot as well as confidence in myself. As a result of the coaching I am now much more confident in my decision making skills. I am organized with what I need to do in terms of my business as well as organizing my daily, weekly, monthly activities to accomplish short term as well as long term goals. I’ve learned how to focus on the end goal and take steps accordingly. Focusing on the reality that it takes time to accomplish the long term goals, but there are short term actions I could be taking towards that final goal.” – I. Rahman, Canada


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”The biggest change is that now I look for my happiness rather making others happy and putting everyone before me. It is not selfish rather taking care of myself and with Allah’s mercy I believe I will never misuse that trait. It has been over a month since my coaching ended and I didn’t go through a period where I felt down and couldn’t pick myself up. Nobera you taught me to deal with my problems and may Allah reward you for that. Ameen”- M.Q., Canada